Window to the Soul


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My most vulnerable, daring, and transparent project yet. The final project to end my college musical trilogy, Window to the Soul, is now available. Full lyrics available on


released September 26, 2016



all rights reserved


CROCONILE Statesboro, Georgia

Hello, my name is Nile. Hello, my name is CROCONILE. Born in St. Thomas, raised in Clay Co. Fourth year sociology major at GA Southern. The music speaks for itself. 100% of all donations go to The Fund for Global Human Rights.

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Track Name: Listen Up
Man, I can understand how it might be kinda hard to love a gay like me
I don't blame you much for wanting to be free
I just wanted you to know

I can see the stress in your eyes
your mind is gonna capsize
so just for a moment
slow down
put your head on my shoulder
calm down
close your eyes and be still
just breathe
in and out
and listen to my heart beat

We know you're bound to go far
success ain't too far along
but before tomorrow
sit still
baby just for a moment
I see the stress
and I'm here to console it
you'll be fine in due time
just listen to our
hearts beat
listen listen listen
Track Name: HEART
Ooh, you and me boy
the perfect view, I'd say
I would take the clouds
and move em out the way
if you wanted sun today
you're my life
you make it worth tomorrow
your loving made a grown man cry
loving you's too easy to do
ooh, I came to you
from the most honest place
giving you too much heart
giving it all away

You had my heart and boy you know you ain't deserve it
now you know I ain't saying I was perfect
I ain't saying the moments weren't worth it
I ain't saying much at all
but you took
my fears, my pain, my anger when it would drain
the best parts
of my heart

You gotta believe in me boy
I have so much more to give
I'd take the stars and moon
and move em out the way
for another day
with my life
you feel like my destiny (child)
if not forever, for a while
love is such a beautiful thing
ooh, I think of you
when I'm smoking trees
if only your heart
could be the leaves
Track Name: My Guy, My High
I'd rather be
at AUC
smoking weed
under a tree
by the dean's house
and you're right there next to me
on halloween
my guy, my high

My guy, my high
my guy, my high
you're like closed blinds
I can't see what's inside
of your head and your mind
while getting head, cus you're mine
at this moment in time,
squeeze my hips as I grind
thighs quiver the whole time
the best time, the best time
literally the best time
of your whole lifetime
but still won't let me in your mind
you blame no emotions and bad timing
but I'm as loud as church bells ring
Normani said it best, you're worth it
you see me haffi work, work it
first impression was perfect
but we broke
and our pieces fit perfectly
so maybe my words are an apology or plea
cus I was just me being me
Track Name: Drink of Choice
You're like a piña colada
in the middle of a hurricane
please forgive me for the upset
and all the pain
the pain that I caused you at midnight
when I lost my voice
but if I'm being honest
you're still my drink of choice

I got caught up on you
I caught a case of you
(then there was you)
full loaded case of you
I'd wake up
and dream about you
after we'd wake up
as I'm right next to you
(then there was you)
I caught a case of you
(then there was you)
full loaded case of you
(I'd drink up)
a full case of you
(and think of)
the times when we were cool
Track Name: Life as a Fish
treading along
treading along the sea
from there you saw me
looking for company

from there you saw me
from up above
i pray you catch me
something to be proud of

on the other side
i’m just one in the sea
out of a million
but keep your eyes on me

you see me jetting
riding thru the waves
i’m soaring
we ripping and riding
the waves

i pray you catch me
just keep your eyes on me
i’m so much more than
another fish in the sea
we’re so much more than
what we try to foresee

treading along along along
along the sea
i found my way to you
and you to me

just cast me back
when you’re thru w/ we

but don’t treat me like
another fish in the sea
boy please