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released July 23, 2014



all rights reserved


CROCONILE Statesboro, Georgia

Hello, my name is Nile. Hello, my name is CROCONILE. Born in St. Thomas, raised in Clay Co. Fourth year sociology major at GA Southern. The music speaks for itself. 100% of all donations go to The Fund for Global Human Rights.

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Track Name: Spring(Infatuations, Outer Thoughts, Inner Thoughts)
I'm not really an expert on this, at all, but I feel as if love is most like earphones.
You can never fully enjoy the experience unless they're inside of you, whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally.
But what you once believed to be love was actually infatuation, when your earphones begin to weather and malfunction because you overburden and run them into the ground,
so you buy new and what you'd hope to be better, earphones. I've needed new earphones for a while now. I'll be shopping around when I can find the time.
Track Name: Summer(Sorrows, Thinking Of You, Thinking Of Me)
July 9, 2014
The day has finally come
I never thought it would reach
I believed I would always feel the same for you
but that time has now passed
I wanted the anger
I wanted the pain
I wanted the sorrow
the inspiration, actually
I never thought I'd be over you
I'm actually saddened by this
The strife of striving to impress you,
to be seen, to be noticed,
whilst being under your microscope,
unbeknownst to me
I can fully appreciate you,
for being an inspiration,
in many more way than you can ever imagine
I've come to more realizations as time passes,
both inside and outside of the classroom
I've finally jumped off the boat
I repeat, I've finally jumped off the boat
I had no choice, I was the only one paddling
trying to get us across the ocean
I thought I couldn't live without you
and now I'm living here without you
but I was always here without you
thank you for everything you've done
whether it be for my benefit or my demise
but hey, you think I don't care
but I care too damn much about you
you think I don't care
but I'm farthest from it just for you
but damn, really? you think I don't care?
Track Name: Autumn(Addictions, Peer Pressure)
Ok, I get it
Drugs are bad and go to college
but what if you started doing drugs when you went to college?
Ok, maybe I shouldn't smoke everyday but
it's not like I have a problem.
Ok, maybe my memory is shit now but
weed isn't impeding my learning process.
Ok, maybe I did tell mommy I would stop smoking in October
but who hasn't lied to their mother?
I don't know, I'm working on it.
At least I'm not doing hardcore drugs frequently.
Maybe I didn't need those mollies at the Quad.
Maybe I didn't need to take X before that house party.
Snorting coke off a picnic table at a makeshift rave wasn't my proudest moment
and maybe I don't need adderall every finals week, sike.
Ok, but honestly, maybe the third acid trip might've been two too many
when I started hearing nothing calling my name at work
Honestly, I think acid melted my brain,
but it's not like I have a problem.
I don't know, I'm working on it.
But who am I trying to convince? You, or myself?
Track Name: Winter(Uncertainties, Post-Pressure)
he's leaving once again
here's Ms. Roxann again
I'm saying goodbye again,
once again
I love you for who you are but, still
hate you for what you do
what you do to yourself
what you do to your health
but far be it for me
to tell you what to be
and what you need to go
I'm a work in-progress too
why is it so hard for you to see
your opportunities & abilities
that I could always see
we're just at university
becoming who we want to be
or, at least, trying to be
before we get our first degree
post-degree uncertainty is the problem
and we're just hoping that time will solve them
but until then, here we'll be, at university